End of Season - Coaching & Program Evaluation

Please use this forum as a way to voice your opinion regarding the SBAA program and its coaches. Your opinions are valuable in the continuous improvement of the SBAA.

What is the sport that your child participated in this season? *

What is the grade level of your child? *

What is your child's gender? *

What is the name of the Head Coach for your child's team? *

The communication regarding the dates and times of sports registrations was sufficient: *

The communication regarding the logistics of the season (i.e. practice schedule, 1st game, etc) was sufficient: *

The coaching staff instilled a sense of teamwork at every practice and game: *

The coaching staff treated my child with respect and dignity throughout the entire season: *

The coaching staff followed SBAA guidelines concerning playing time throughout the season: *

My child, as a result of the head coach's expertise and knowledge, improved their skill and understanding of the sport: *

The coaching staff would receive my recommendation to coach again for the SBAA: *

The coaches, Board members, and sports programs offered by the SBAA exemplified the Catholic mission on youth athletics and commitment to Christ as outlined by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati: *

My child improved in mind, body, and spirit by participating in SBAA sports:

Any issues or concerns were addressed promptly and adequately throughout the season: *

I would register my child to play again for the SBAA sports program, as well as, recommend the SBAA sports program to others: *

In order to fully address any issues, please provide feedback for any questions that you rated as "Disagree" or "Strongly Disagree". In addition, if you wish to provide any feedback in general, please do so in the space provided: